Ignore the myths about emergency contraception pills and stay safe

Ignore the myths about emergency contraception pills and stay safe

The emergency contraception pillis exactly what it sounds like. It is meant to be used in an emergency and it is contraception, which means it prevents conception that is pregnancy. Contra means against so that means you are going against conception and you might need to use this a lot of times, for example, the protection is broken, failure of birth control, and for nonconsensual sexual acts.

Emergency contraception is very important and very useful but it is important to not use them.

How does the emergency contraception pill work?

An emergency contraceptive option that is available is hormonal pills. Not everybody can go to a doctor, get an IUD the right way and this can be quite a hassle. Well, IUDs are the most effective form of emergency contraception pillYou can also use hormonal pills. Now, the hormonal pills act in multi ways so, on the sides of the uterus there are ovaries and the ovaries make and release the eggs every month, and when the egg and the sperm fuse together, that is when pregnancy occurs.

The first thing that the emergency contraception pill does is that it delays or it prevents this egg from being released. The second way it can work is that even if the egg does fuse with the sperm, it will prevent it from latching on when the combined product of the fusion happens, that is the fetus or the embryo. It will prevent this embryo from latching on the inside lining of the uterus and this process is called implantation.