Trend of online gambling

Online gaming is not a new thing to the internet users and virtual gamers. From outdoor games like Cricket and Football to the indoor games like Chess and Poker both the categories of games are available online. So, anyone who is interested in online gaming could find and play them on the Internet. As soon as we hear the term ‘Gambling’ the very first game which strikes in our mind is Poker. Although nowadays it is common to see pop-ups of play peerage slot online free while using Internet but there was a time when it was not that much popular on the internet as it has been started during mid 90s about 20 years ago.

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Some Facts about Online Poker that you need to know today!

  • The first official match of online poker was played on 1st January 1998.
  • Todd Mummer created the first online poker game using IRC (internet relay chat).
  • There was no money in online poker at its initial stage.
  • The online poker is about 20 year old.

Why choose Online Poker over real one?

  • Play from Home – Online poker enables the player to play the game from home avoiding the necessity to reach the casino, saving the time of travelling and the fare of the transport taken.
  • No opponent interaction – There is absence any face to face interaction among the opponents which means no player could bluff by seeing the facial expressions of the others.
  • Free Game – The players get the facility to play poker online free which enables them to become more skillful in the game whereas the land-based casinos does not offer any free game.
  • Play different pokers –There is another advantage of online poker game that it lets the player to play different types of pokers.
  • Lack of Distraction – There is a plus-point of playing poker online that there is no pressure of playing in front of an audience as well as player could focus more on their game.

The Growth of Online Poker: The various online gambling sites and its nature!

The online poker gained its popularity from the year 2003-2006, as the stories of the people getting richer by playing online poker became popular. Chris Moneymaker was one of the most successful online poker players of that time and he was situs judi slot inspiration for most of the aspiring online poker players. The inspiration from Moneymaker’s story  lead many amateur players to become a  pro in the game by sitting in front of their computers and spending most of their time in playing poker online.